Euro-Atlantic Association of Belgium

Non profit organization  -  Member of the Atlantic Treaty Association
Under the Honorary Presidency of Count Pierre Harmel, Minister of State


The “Atlantic Association of Belgium (AAB)” was created in 1961, on the initiative of Minister of State Paul van ZEELAND. Its mission was to promote in Belgium at large, at a height of the Cold War and in the framework of the Atlantic Alliance, the essential Atlantic solidarity and a strong political will for a shared defence through NATO. The Association enjoyed public support and political attention through leadership and highly estimated honorary and active members.

In the early XXIst century (2002), the “Association” adjusted to the new geopolitical reality in Europe and proposed the name of “Euro-Atlantic Association of Belgium (EAAB)”. This name was officialised in 2004 by the Association’s members, symbolising the will to support both the transatlantic solidarity and the European unification process. An expanding NATO and a growing European Union were both processes enhancing peace and security in and around Europe. Policies for security and defence in a globalised world with global risks and threats would be more and more self-supporting. The Association was to focus now on Atlantic policies and values to be shared by the Belgians, taking the European reality and its evolution into account.

Today, the Association is blessed with an active support of the both the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence. Its offices are located on the campus of Royal Military Academy and some highly visible activities are organised at the Egmont Palace.

Adress :     Royal Military Academy (RMA)
                   Avenue de la Renaissance 30
                   B- 1000 Bruxelles

Tel : + 32-2-7426209 Fax : +32-2-2685277

The Euro-Atlantic Association’s mission today remains strong and aims at promoting discussions in an Atlantic forum on security and defence matters, enhancing Transatlantic and European solidarity and strength. Its target public is the Belgian society, from political, diplomatic and military leadership to the wider society, as the educational, economic, social, cultural leaders and surely the Belgian citizens. The Association is happily standing on its past and actual members, representing the Belgian reality, and aims to be a recognised “people network-enabling” association in the future.

The Association’s activities proceed at several levels:

- Internationally through the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA);

- Nationally for policy and management, academic matters, “highly visible” activities, public diplomacy, financial and coordinating matters;
- Provincial chapters for day to day contact with the public and organisation of most of the visible activities and local contacts, the backbone of the Association for membership and the following up of the decisions taken;

- 2 thematic chapters: the young chapter and the cultural chapter

Composition of the executive board:

President:            Rear Admiral (Ret) Jacques ROSIERS
Vice-President:        Mr Charles Bois d'Enghien
Vice-President:  Cdr (R) Kurt Engelen
Managing Director: Cdr s.g. Hans Huygens
President Young Chapter: Mr Frédéric Van Kerrebroeck
Treasurer:            Mr François De Cuyper

Assistant: Ms Régine Bruneau