Atlantic Treaty Association
Association du Traité Atlantique
Secretariat - Brussels

February 11th 2011


The Secretary General and the Programs Director met on January 27th with Head of Country
Section at NATO Public Diplomacy Division. The meeting was intended to inform Alliance
representatives about future ATA activities and to discuss ways to further expand coordination.
Among the items discussed, the ATA has been presented with a public diplomacy reform which
is being implemented in the HQ and which will see six thematic priorities to be undertaken –
and supported – by the Division in 2011: the Allies’ ongoing operation in Afghanistan, NATO
responses to meet emerging security challenges effectively, NATO’s evolving partnerships, the
Alliance relations with Russia, a robust communications campaign in support of the US as well
as an enhanced public diplomacy effort towards Turkey. Funds will be granted according to
these priorities and not by individual country basis.

The Secretary General participated to the 11th Herzliya Conference, organized by the Atlantic
Forum of Israel from February 6th to the 8th.

On behalf of the ATA and its members, the Secretary General will convey greetings to
the ATA president Dr. Karl A. Lamers on his 60th birthday on Saturday February 12th. The
celebration will be held in Heidelberg, Germany.

February 16th is the deadline for submitting articles for the next ATA newsletter.

The first ‘Sec-Gen talk’ will take place on February 22nd at the ATA Secretariat. Staff members of
the German ATA will meet with the ATA Secretariat for talks on programs and joint initiatives.

The ATA Bureau meeting will take place in Washington DC next April 5th to 7th and will include a
series of meetings with US Institutes and think-tanks. A report of the proceedings will be made
available to all ATA Members.

The ATA Secretariat is in the process of reforming its activities and expects to launch new
programs and services for its members. An intense series of programs is planned for the next
three years and the implementation has just begun. In this framework, two new positions are
now open as fundraising assistants. Incumbents must be able to work in a challenging
environment with the main goal of creating funding opportunities for new ATA programs.
Further details will follow shortly.

As part of its new Mediterranean Program, in May the ATA is planning to organize a Young
Mediterranean Researcher Forum and in July a Youth Atlantic-Mediterranean Seminar, both in
cooperation with the Italian Atlantic Committee.

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